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As a Sound Engineer since 1995, I’ve been helping clients of all kinds lay down a crystal clear sound. Whether I’m working on a commercial or a full feature, I’m a hands-on engineer devoted to quality. With years of experience behind me, I’m capable of meeting a wide range of demanding client requests. Learn more about my recent work and the gear you’ll find at my studio, and get in touch with any questions.

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Featured Video

Our Featured video this month is a small part of a game I did sound design for with Blizzard gaming.
Enjoy the sound design without music so you can see the intricate details of this complex piece.
Wear headphones for best experience.

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More About Me

I am an international award winning Sound Designer,Re-Recording mixer with over 25 years professional experience in the industry, specializing in Television, Film, Series, ADR recording, Documentaries, Dialogue recording, Final Mix, Foley and sound design.
Since 1995, I have been lucky enough to work with some of the greats in the world of film and advertising. This experience has shaped me over the years, giving clients the sound quality that will lead their projects to success. Using the best equipment, a professional team and a unique artistic approach, the work delivered is more than just about the sound. It’s about creating solutions. Get in contact to talk about how I can give you the sound solution you need.

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This is a small collection showing a range of work done. Sound design on game trailers, ADR in movies and voice record, sound design and final mix on commercials.Hopefully you can see on here that I do it all and am limited to nothing.

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GOLD - 2023 TELLY AWARD - Drought Awareness / WMWD

SILVER - 2023 TELLY AWARD - Drought Awareness / WMWD

SILVER- 2023 TELLY AWARD - Cheers California / RCWD

2023 NATAS Pacific Southwest EMMY NOMINEE - Commercial Campaigns




Gold - Joe Public Chicken Licken 2020

Bronze - Joe Public Chicken Licken 2020

Craft Gold – TVDraft FCBNature of Wisdom

Bronze - TVDraft FCBNature of Wisdom

Craft – TVMetropolitanWimpy

Silver – Radio Grey SAHuggies

Bronze – TVKing James Steers

Bronze – Radio Grey SA Steers

Bronze – Radio Metropolitan MTN

Silver – TVMetropolitan MTN

Bronze – TVMetropolitan MTN

Bronze – CinemaMetropolitan MTN

Bronze – TVMetropolitan MTN

Craft Gold – TVMetropolitan MTN

Craft Gold – CinemaMetropolitanMTN

Bronze – Radio TBWA Hunt Lascaris Twinsaver



Bronze – Radio TBWA Hunt Lascaris Twinsavers

Silver – Radio Grey SA Nampak

Silver – Radio Grey SA Nampak

Silver – Radio Grey SA Nampak

Bronze – Radio Metropolitan MTN


Radio TBWA Hunt Lascaris Twinsavers





Radio Metropolitan MTN

Radio Metropolitan MTN

Radio Metropolitan MTN



Gold Studio ZooDSTV




Bronze – TV Metropolitan Wimpy


In the Dawg Haus - Dialogue edit / Sound Design & Final Mix

Wife Swop - Dialogue edit / Final mix
Temptation Island Season 2 and 3

The Challenge Australia - Dialogue edit 

Bella's Wedding - Dialogue edit 
Hollywood Disclosure - Dialogue edit/ mix
Dreamlife - Dialogue edit / Design/ mix
Diamond In The Rough - ADR / Sound Design / Editorial and Final Mix
Temptation Island S2 - Media Manager
Lovely - Sound Editorial / Final Mix
Zulu Wedding - ADR recording / Editorial / Sound design and Foley / Final Mix
Killing Karen Soloway - Sound design / Final Mix
America revised - voice recording / Editorial /sound design & final mix
Super House mates- Sound design and mix
Fiorella - Sound Design/Final Mix
WOE- Sound Design/Final Mix
Exhilarating & Fashionable life: web series – Sound Design and final Mix
Madiba the series- ADR supervisor
Audi ‘’Rocket man’’ – Sound Design
Xbox Ubisoft : The Division – Sound Design
My First Home – Editorial
Who’s your Doggie ? – Sound deign / edit / dialogue cleanup & final mix
I’m Watching You – ADR Supervisor
Masterchef – Shine Int
Masterchef Junior – Shine Int
Hells Kitchen – ITV/ Granada
Fluffy breaks even -
Pretty Strong – Relativity Television
Salem Occulist – (Short Film) Editorial / Design / Full Mix
The Black Prince – ADR sound department
750 – Sound Deisgn & Editing . Final Mix 5.1
How we met – Sound deign & Editing . Final Mix 5.1
World War Z – ADR sound department
Mad Buddies – ADR sound department
Young Ones – ADR sound department
The First Grader – ADR sound department
Pacific Rim – ADR sound department
Le Secret de Chanda – ADR sound department
Invictus – ADR sound department * Recorded Morgan Freeman Voice
Life Above All – ADR sound premix
Tengers – Won Best-animated feature DIY festival in LA – Voice recording, Music Score, Sound Design, and Final Sound.
Spud the Movie – ADR Full Mix on the documentary ‘The Making of “
Sound design and mix on the whole of the Cradle of Humankind JHB
President Nelson Mandela’s Tribute – Sound Design & Final Mix
Animal Planet Network documentary – Meerkat Manor – Final Mix
Animal Planet Network documentary – The Great White Shark – Final Mix
BBC Network Series – ADR – EMMA
Young Leonard
Strike Back
Monica UK animation movie – Recorded voice and mixed
Manga Latina UK animation – Recorded voice and mixed
Reality Show in SA – Running with the reps
Reality Show in SA – Crème Cartel
Disney World ride, "Hall of presidents" with Morgan Freeman – Recorded full voice.

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My Recommendations

“Great service, fast turnaround, and lots of flexibility. Those were the three things I was looking for with this project, and WARREN BURLEY delivered.”

“WARREN BURLEY did a great job mixing my movie. Very professional and easy to work with. Very highly recommended.”

“It was a pleasure working with WARREN BURLEY. More than a talented Sound Engineer, this professional is a lovely person. Best of all, my project’s outcome was absolutely perfect. I can’t recommend WARREN BURLEY enough.”

   -Mandy Miller-

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