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As a Sound Engineer since 1995, I’ve been helping clients of all kinds lay down crystal clear sound. Whether I’m working on a commercial or a full feature, I’m a hands-on engineer devoted to quality. With years of experience behind me,

I’m capable of meeting a wide range of demanding client requests. 

All About Me

I am an international award winning Sound Designer,Re-Recording mixer with over 25 years professional experience in the industry, specializing in Television, Film, Series, ADR recording, Documentaries, Dialogue recording, Final Mix, Foley and sound design.Since 1995, I have been lucky enough to work with some of the greats in the world of film and advertising. This experience has shaped me over the years, giving clients the sound quality that will lead their projects to success. Using the best equipment, a professional team and a unique artistic approach, the work delivered is more than just about the sound. It’s about creating solutions. Get in contact to talk about how I can give you the sound solution you need.





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